Fashion Shouldn't Be Boring, It Should Be FUN!

Hi my lovelies!

Today's blog is about Fashion! I always say to myself "fashion should never be boring, it should always be fun!" so every time I pick out an outfit I think of that quote and start having fun creating my everyday look. Let's check out this look I put together and had loads of fun doing it.


OK let's start with color! Every time i add a neutral color i love adding a pop of color to all my outfits, WHY you may ask , well because is makes an outfit more fun , more interesting to look at. The pop of color will have other's looking twice and admiring your outfit. The model is wearing our Juliet Ruched Mini Skirt with a hot pink blouse to top of this Classy look.

Adding a hint of color to all your outfits will give an outfit life. Whether it's a vibrant handbag, vibrant earrings, or vibrant shoes the list goes on and on, but the point is to never forget to make an outfit FUN and have fun doing it.

Now let's talk about wearing an item multiple times. I just love when i can wear a piece multiple times without having to wear the same outfit constantly. My Favorites in my closet are always solid's! WHY? well because a solid piece can be styled a thousand times without looking the same, let's look at these too outfits with the same solid sweater.


Notice how it's the same sweater but we styled it with two different styles, Having solid pieces in your wardrobe will give you endless outfit possibilities, Our Layla Puff Sleeve Sweater is an excellent sweater to have in your wardrobe, cozy chic and stylish , you will have FUN styling this cutie as much as we have fun styling it. If you love the look's you can get it exclusively here at our online boutique. Our Lilith Mini Skirt is paired with our Layla Puff Sleeve sweater.


Quote for today's blog

"The Joy Of Dressing Is An ART." By John Galliano 

So let's put this quote to work and start having fun with our Outfit's, Fashion is art and your the canvas.

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