All of our sets are made to order Acrylic sets. Handpainted, reusable and prep kits included 🩷

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Get to know the owner and creator

Hi, I’m Carmen , the owner of Fashion Couture 🌸 I’m the creator , web designer, marketer, customer service, shipping fulfillment, content creator, and so much more 🥰 every set is made to order so I can provide the set you wish for with any customization you may ask.

Reach out to me anytime, I’m always here to help, I’m a one person team with a big dream to give all of my customers high quality sets at an affordable price .

I’m super friendly, and care about all of my customers immensely , I’ll do everything to ensure every package is delivered 🩷

I work 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday from 6am to 10pm 🩷

Welcome To Fashion Couture Nail Art Studio

Why try out our press on nails? •Vegan •affordable •High Quality •Prep Kits Included •Cute Designs Every Time